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Yumbox combines traditional Japanese bento compartmentalisation with a slick and chic European design aesthetic, using child-friendly construction and BPA-free, food safe materials.

The standout feature of a Yumbox lunchbox is the food tray inside. Divided into labeled sections, the tray has been designed with dietary guidelines in mind to help parents pack correct portion sizes and ensure nutritional balance. A tight seal between the tray and silicone lid makes Yumbox leakproof when packing wet foods like yoghurt, dips and sauces.

While the original six-section Yumbox has been popular among young children, the release of different versions has expanded the range to cater for a wider audience. The Yumbox Panino has four sections and room for a full sandwich or a large salad making it the Yumbox for bigger tummies. Scheduled to be released in the second half of 2016, the Yumbox Mini has been a long requested variation set to fill the gap in the market for a leakproof snack box.

While parents right around the world will tell you how clever Yumbox is, Good Design recently awarded the brand a commendation in the Children’s Products category. Considered the ‘Oscars of the industrial design industry’, the 2013 Good Design Award win put Yumbox alongside fellow award winners such as Apple, Volkswagen and Tupperware. Of the several thousand entries received from 50 countries in the international competition, Yumbox was one of only two children’s product manufacturers to receive an award.



Maia Neumann and Daniela Devitt, two mums dedicated to developing healthy eating habits in children – the fun way, created Yumbox! Being based in both France and the United States their inspiration came from the French school lunches served daily to Maia’s kids. The emphasis in France is on balance, variety, taste and nutrition. Yumbox was dreamed up to allow us all to replicate that same balance and nutrition for our kids, regardless of where we live. Now everyone (even kids) can pack a nutritionally balanced meal using Yumbox!


Why a Yumbox?

Yumbox takes the guesswork out of what and how much to pack. Its divided food tray accommodates ½ cup portions of the 5 main food groups. Yumbox’s decorative tray was designed to be an educational tool that assists parents in packing a balanced meal and that also helps to reinforce healthy eating habits in children. Yumbox seals all compartments with one silicone molded lid making it leak proof. No lost lids and no mess!

Picky eaters don’t like food to touch and Mums don’t like food to leak, so the construction of the lid and divided tray were key. Yumbox keeps food in its place, even wet foods like yogurt and applesauce. Parents love Yumbox’s single lid as a better option to using multiple containers and lids that kids lose or can’t manage on their own.

Yumbox responds to a growing need for products that assist parents with portion control. With child obesity on the rise worldwide, parents are seeking products that simplify the road to a healthier lifestyle. Yumbox’s food tray promotes a balanced meal with built-in portion control. Each food well is illustrated to guide parents and kids to packing fruit, vegetables, protein, dairy, and grains. Opening Yumbox is like uncovering a treasure chest that quickly becomes an adventure in good nutrition. It’s design is kid-friendly, bright, colourful and fun to use.

Which Yumbox is right for me?

Yumbox Original – 6 Compartment Tray

Perfect for:

  • Picky eaters – everything is small and visible
  • Sandwich free lunches
  • Snacks – each section can hold different snacks to be eaten across the day
  • Weight conscious adults – Perfect portions packed in advance help to keep you on the right track to weight loss

Fits a sandwich? Yes cut up and packed across two sections

Leak-proof? Yes, pack yoghurt without leaks.

Yumbox Panino – 4 Compartment Tray

Perfect for:

  • Adults – pack salads, wraps or leftovers for work or school
  • Older kids – Small and compact the Yumbox is perfect for high school students. Slide it straight into the school bag
  • Sandwich lovers – Kids love a sandwich, the Panino is perfect with extra space for snacks

Fits a sandwich? Yes, easily. Perfect for sandwich, wraps and salads.

Leak-proof? Yes, pack yoghurt without leaks.

New – The Yumbox MiniSnack

The latest addition to the Yumbox range is the Yumbox MiniSnack. Available in three colours, the new mini Yumbox is a smaller and deeper version of the popular Yumbox.

Designed to perfectly pair with the Yumbox Original or Panino this leak-proof container is ideal for smaller snacks or fruit break.

Sure to follow in the footsteps of it’s bigger siblings, this new product is available from June 2016.



What age is the Yumbox suitable for?

The Yumbox Original was designed for children from 0-10 years old.  That’s not to say Adults can’t use it.  We receive lots of feedback and images of ploughman style work lunches.

The Panino version is designed for children through to adults.  It is fantastic for sandwich eaters as it fits a full size sandwich crust and all.  Alternatively as an adult’s lunch, a hearty salad or leftovers from the night before is perfect in the 2-cup section along with snacks in the two smaller ½ cup sides.  Think of the money you will save with the average work lunch up at around $10 these days.

Can you tell me the dimensions and weight of the product?

Both the Yumbox Original and Panino are the same size.  They measure a compact 21 x 15 x 5cm in size. Weight is 500gm.  The interior tray holds 780mls which equals 3½ metric cups.  Please click through to our product page here  for visual examples of the Yumbox size.

A Yumbox comfortably fits into most insulated lunchboxes including the SoYoung Lunchbox with enough room left in the bag for an extra sandwich or piece of fruit and an icepack.

Which Yumbox is right for me?

Yumbox Original – 6 compartment tray is perfect for:

  • Picky eaters – everything is small and visible.
  • Variety – sandwich free lunches.
  • Snacks – each section can hold different snacks to be eaten across the day.
  • Weight conscious adults – Perfect portions packed in advance help to keep you on the right track to weight loss.

Fits a sandwich? Yes cut up and packed across two sections

Leak-proof? Yes, pack yoghurt without leaks.


Yumbox Panino – 4 compartment tray is perfect for:

  • Adults – pack salads, wraps or leftovers for work or school.
  • Older kids – Small and compact the Yumbox is perfect for high school students. Slide it straight into the school bag.
  • Sandwich lovers – Kids love a sandwich, the Panino is perfect with extra space for snacks.

Fits a sandwich? Yes, easily. Perfect for sandwich, wraps and salads.

Leak-proof? Yes, pack yoghurt without leaks.

How do I carry Yumbox?

Yumbox is compact and fits neatly in standard size lunch boxes. We recommend the SoYoung insulated bags that can be found here under the SoYoung brand.

What portions does Yumbox accommodate?

Yumbox now has two designs to make packing lunch for everyone easy!

Yumbox’s Original 6-compartment food tray, is perfect for toddlers through age 8 who like variety. It accommodates five portions of the five main food groups plus a 30ml dip/treat well. In total it holds 3½ cups. The illustrated trays reinforce healthy balanced meal packing.

New Yumbox Panino 4-compartment food tray is sandwich-friendly. This is a great option for kids and adults of all ages that prefer sandwich and salad style lunches. It has one large sandwich size section with two smaller ½ cup sides plus a 30ml dip/treat well.

Both designs are compact, leakproof and kid-friendly.

For healthy lunch packing ideas visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

Are Yumbox’s trays interchangeable?

You may use all Yumbox Original 6-compartments trays with the outer box that has a matching 6-compartment seal.

You may use all Yumbox Panino 4-compartment trays with the outer box that has a matching 4-compartment seal.

While 6-compartment trays may fit in 4-compartment outer boxes, and vise versa, they will not create a seal and do not have a perfect fit to prevent leaking or spills.

Is Yumbox leak-proof?

Yes. Yumbox is a leak-proof container.

Yumbox’s silicone lid engages with the tray to create a tight seal keeping food contents in place, including wet foods like yogurt and applesauce (not water). Foods will not leak between compartments or outside of the box.

How do I pack wet foods?

Yumbox is designed to hold wet foods but not liquids, such as water. To ensure that food stays in place and does not leak to other compartments, be sure to follow 4 easy steps as outlined below:

  1. Do not overfill compartments
  2. Remove any excess liquid from canned fruit, applesauce and yoghurts
  3. Keep contents cool by adding an ice pack to your lunch tote
  4. When closing Yumbox, press down on the lid with the palm of your hand and snap latch to closed position to create the best seal

Do not pack yoghurt drinks, soups or runny/watery dressings. Do pack foods with the consistency of ranch dressing, ketchup, chunky salsas, hummus, yoghurt and veggie dips. These are all great options. Some oily vinaigrettes may leak out of the dip well. One trick that can help keep vinaigrettes in place is to dress the salad and top it with a few croutons. The croutons will absorb excess oil/liquid and keep the vinaigrette from seeping into a neighbouring compartment. If you are not sure if your food choice is too liquidy to pack, we suggest that you conduct a quick test before sending your child to school with that food. Simply add the test food to a compartment, close Yumbox properly and give it a good shake (or leave it on its side for 10 minutes). Set Yumbox back to normal position and open to see the results.

Can I pack a Yumbox lunch the night before and store it in the fridge?


Yumbox acts as an excellent storage container. The seal keeps foods fresh for days in the fridge.

If placing warm foods inside to cool in the fridge the Yumbox will seal very tightly due to the condensation.  To break the seal and ensure the Yumbox tray is not adhered to the lid, open the Yumbox very slightly and grip the tray, firmly pulling down so it settles in the bottom section.

Is Yumbox thermal or insulating?


Yumbox is not made with thermal materials. If adding food like yoghurt, which should be kept cold, we recommend packing Yumbox in an insulated bag with an ice pack to keep contents cool.

What is this product made of?

Yumbox is made with ABS polymer (exterior box), TritanTM (tray) and silicone (seal).

Is this product eco friendly?

Yes, this product will help reduce waste by assisting you to send a package free lunch.  The reduction of this waste helps keep our planet beautiful.

All materials are food-safe, BPA and phthalate free and are CPSIA and FDA compliant.

What are the origins of the Yumbox range?

Yumbox co-founders hail from the USA and France with manufacturing taking place responsibly in China.

Mini Hippo Imports (previously known as Yumbox Australia) is the Authorised Distributor of Yumbox in Australia and New Zealand.

How do I care for this product?

Yumbox is dishwasher safe up to 65°C (top rack only).  We highly recommend hand washing the outer shell or if using a dishwasher, removing it before the heat dry cycle. Most dishwashers temperatures are a guide only and actual temperatures can fluctuate by up to 20°C.  Yumbox is designed with rounded edges and smooth surfaces to make hand washing easy.

We advise that everyone use their own judgement when deciding to microwave any plastics.

Yumbox has a limited warranty on any manufacturer’s defects. We do not warranty damage caused by overheating in a dishwasher (you must use the top rack only), using children sterilisers, or misuse or abuse.

What is the recommended retail price of this range?

This product retails for $39.95 AUD inc. GST.  For the range please see our online store here


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or 4 payments of $10.44 with Afterpay

  You asked for a larger lunchbox and Yumbox has delivered! Designed for adults and big kids alike this new Yumbox, makes it possible for anyone to pack a nutritionally balanced meal in minutes! It’s perfect for a packed school lunch and adult meals now with an innovative interchangeable tray.


or 4 payments of $5.67 with Afterpay

  Need a spare tray or want one without the illustrations for your Yumbox Tapas? Note these trays are NOT interchangeable for use with the Yumbox Original or Panino as they are a different size. They are fully interchangeable with the Tapas 4 or 5-compartment exterior case. Yumbox is sold with a tray included; this is an extra tray for at-home use or as a handy spare. Fits Yumbox Tapas outer case only.


Snack Box


or 4 payments of $6.13 with Afterpay

Make snack time and snacks on-the-go easier and more fun with new Yumbox MiniSnack!


  Get ready to revolutionize lunch!  Yumbox, a newly inspired bento lunch box makes it possible for anyone to pack a nutritionally balanced meal in minutes!  It’s perfect for tapas style school lunches, toddler meals, snacks and small adult meals.


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We LOVE it! “

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” Dear Yumbox – thank you for making my life 100 times easier! Everything I pack in my two-year-old’s Yumbox looks fun and appetising, and hardly ever anything comes home untouched or untasted. It makes packing my daughter delicious and nutritious meals every day fun, instead of a chore. We already own two but will be buying more. “

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” Thank you! I just purchased a new lunch box today with the four compartments so we can now have two.

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” We (three children and six Yumboxes all together) absolutely love this product. One of my children has Autism and he loves the compartments/good separation. Thank you for making our lives just a little bit easier! “

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