Clear Reusable Pouch (5 pack)


My Lil Pouch clear design pouches are a very practical and multi purpose design, suitable to all your needs and applications.

They are a squeezable and multi-use food pouch that allows for quick and mess-free meals or snacks. Simply open the durable wide zippered pouch, add the desired food, secure with a lid and a zip of the ziplock and your reusable food pouch is ready for use. With an expandable gusset this style stands up for easy filling from the top which makes them perfect for quickly filling with home made baby food.

The larger, 200ml Clear Reusable Pouch is also perfect for healthy, consistent snacks or meals for older children and adults alike. They are the perfect lunchbox accessory making yoghurt pouches affordable for the whole family!

0-10 Years
BPA Free
Dishwasher Safe (top shelf and 65°C)
Freezer Safe
Made in China
Designed in Australia
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